1920s Men’s Hats

For the ultimate ’20s men’s look, don’t forget the hat! This accessory is the finishing touch to any man’s outfit.


A retro hat for a ’20s look

Headgear was essential for men. During the Roaring Twenties, a man wouldn’t go out in public without one. And as with footwear, there was plenty of choice when it came to hats. Fedoras, boaters, panama hats, golf caps… There’s a hat for every outfit, depending on the role or profession you’re dressing up for. Here’s a closer look at these accessories.

The golf cap

For a casual cocktail look or more sporty period attire, opt for the golf cap (or gavroche cap)! With the rise of the automobile and sport in the ’20s, these headwear items were in vogue.

The cap has also been a “trademark” of the ’20s since it was brought to the fore by characters from the TV series Peaky Blinders, notably Thomas Shelby. The Shelby brothers (a.k.a. the Peaky Blinders) wore both these gavroche flat caps and berets, headgear that was also very much in vogue during the Roaring Twenties.

The Fedora hat

In the 1920s, the Fedora hat (named after Borsalino’s Fedora model) enjoyed its heyday. This now-famous wide-brimmed felt hat with a skullcap in the middle can be recognized by its folded-up brim at the back. Available in black, gray, beige or white, with a fabric ribbon of the same or a different color, the Fedora is a fashion accessory often attributed to gangsters or detectives, but is equally suited to an aristocratic look

Classy and elegant, it’s the perfect match for your ’20s outfit.

The Panama hat

Just as elegant as a Fedora, the Panama hat originates from Ecuador and is originally a natural color (straw in particular). This is what sets it apart from the Fedora. The Fedora is made of felt, while the Panama is made of straw. This hat has since been sold in a variety of colors and materials. It’s the perfect accessory to complement your masculine Gatsby-style outfit.

The Boater hat

Who wouldn’t recognize an air of Bert in Mary Poppins? The boater hat is an oval, flat-bottomed straw hat with a ribbon and flat brim. In the ’20s, men wore the boater both during the day (seen on Leonardo DiCaprio’s head in a scene from The Great Gatsby) and in the evening.

The bowler hat

The bowler hat was also worn by men during the Roaring Twenties, particularly in winter. It can be recognized by its domed shape.

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A complete ’20s look for men

Now that you’ve got the hat, don’t forget to choose your costume, shoes and accessories, as well as your hairstyle and beard, for a complete, successful disguise!