Organize a 20’s / Great Gatsby party

Birthday, wedding, New Year’s Eve, murder party or costume party with friends… The 20’s theme has been in vogue for a few years now! The movies The Great Gatsby and The Artist have helped to make the fashion of the 20’s and the atmosphere of the time trendy again. Art deco, black, gold, pearls, feathers, costumes, carefree… Let the Roaring Twenties win you over for a party or a cocktail!

Want to organize a Gatsby the Magnificent themed party? Here are some essentials to have for an unforgettable event.

1 – A Gatsby style invitation

Announce the theme of your event to your guests with an art deco style invitation! Geometric shapes, 20’s typography, black & gold and you’re done. Your guests will already be immersed in the mythical atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties!

2 – A 20’s dress code

The basis of a Roaring Twenties/Great Gatsby themed event is that the guests are all dressed up or dressed down in outfits from the era!

As soon as the theme is announced, give the dress code. For the women, 2 choices: the dresses of the 20’s are adorned with pearls, feathers, sequins while for those who want to opt for a more tomboyish look, the Marlene Dietrich style is perfect. For men, vintage suits in pastel colors, accessorized with suspenders, ties and other period shoes are the order of the day.

3 – A place decorated in the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties

If you want to rent a room or a restaurant, choose a space with a vintage decor, but classy. Speakeasy-style bars (American speakeasies during Prohibition) are perfectly suited for a retro party. Red, black, gold, silver and cream are the ideal colors for a venue that matches the 1920s theme. A little subdued lighting with candles will be perfect.

Beaded ribbon, white ostrich feathers in a vase, black cups and gold touches.

A table decorated with a 20’s atmosphere

To recreate the atmosphere of the 1920s, we prefer comfortable armchairs and benches (vintage style Chesterfield leather upholstered sofa), round tables, large colored feathers like in a cabaret, a record player, some retro trunks, a typewriter, necklaces or strings of pearls hanging from chairs, vases, chic white and gold tableware, fake diamonds on the table, large ostrich or peacock feathers in vases… Give your guests the impression of entering a jazz club!

But also :

  • Peacock feathers
  • Roll of pearls for table decoration

A casino area with poker and gaming tables will also provide the perfect decor and entertainment for a Gatsby the Magnificent party.

We recommend buying 20’s decorations

You hesitate to order the above decoration? We had the opportunity to order the pearl roll, a black sequin tablecloth and white ostrich feathers. All of them arrived on time and according to the pictures.

4 – Music and dances of the 20’s

Get out the record player! For a musical atmosphere and an adapted animation, make way for the dance floor and the jazz music. Who hasn’t seen a movie set in the Roaring Twenties with a jazz band and a female singer in a bar? Bye-bye DJ, hello bands and period music.

Don’t forget that THE dance of the 20’s is the Charleston! This very dynamic dance from the United States was a huge success in the 20s. It is in particular the dancer Josephine Baker who made it known in France. On hot jazz rhythms, solo, in pairs or in a group, teach your friends and guests some dance steps for wild dances throughout the evening!