1920s Great Gatsby themed wedding

Are you getting married soon? You are in love with a retro theme and want to see your guests in the atmosphere of the roaring twenties on the big day? Are you dreaming of a 1920’s wedding theme? Organizing a 20’s wedding immerses your guests in the art deco spirit of the era and gives an air of Gatsby the Magnificent to your souvenir photos. Follow the guide to prepare your Roaring Twenties themed wedding!

The bride and groom’s Roaring Twenties outfits

Are you the bride to be or the groom? Choosing your wedding outfit is not always easy, but with a retro / vintage theme like the 20’s, a little difficulty can be added! First of all, it is necessary to take a dose of inspiration. What did the women and men of the Roaring Twenties wear? How were they styled? Then comes the question: where to buy clothes / accessories from the prohibition era?

To answer this, you can discover our file on women’s outfits in the 20s and the one on gentlemen’s outfits during the Roaring Twenties.

Bride-to-be Great Gatsby dress and outfit

The wedding dresses of the Roaring Twenties are generally beautiful long or short Charleston dresses, close to the body, elegant, sober, whose details make all the retro effect: V-shaped bare back with lace detail, embroidered pearls on the dress, feathers on the bottom of the dress … For the hairstyle, the notched hair or in a bun are ultra trendy in the 20’s, especially if they are accessorized with a headband with pearls, feathers or rhinestones.

1920’s Groom’s styles

For the 20’s inspired groom’s outfit, suit is mandatory of course, with some details that differ: the suit jacket and suspenders will make the vintage detail. You can opt for a tie or a bow tie, your choice. And why not opt for a hat? Fedora, boater… The choice is yours! Discover all our ideas of men’s costume from the 20’s as well as ideas of men’s Peaky Blinders looks.

What about the guests’ outfits?

For the guests of a 1920’s retro wedding, it is also a challenge to dress up! Imposing a Roaring Twenties dress code will also require some research to elaborate an elegant and chic outfit for these ladies and for these gentlemen a retro suit. To help you, discover :

  • Our selection of long or short Charleston dresses from the 20’s ;
  • our selection of retro shoes for women and men;
  • a selection of jewelry and bags to accessorize the outfit;
  • ideas for women’s Roaring Twenties hairstyles;
  • our selection of men’s Roaring Twenties suits;
  • accessories (suspenders, glasses…), hats or caps;
  • And to finish, beard, mustache or shaved?

The Great Gatsby, The Artist, Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey are movies and TV series that take place during the Roaring Twenties, you can also be inspired by their outfits!

Art Deco theme Wedding Invitations

The invitations of a wedding on the theme of the 20s take up the codes of the art deco style. Typical typography of the Roaring Twenties, black, gold, white, geometric shapes… There is no lack of ideas! The menus and other supports of the wedding such as the table plan or the urn can then be declined.

20’s wedding decoration

To immerse your guests in the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties and the Great Gatsby cocktail parties, decoration is essential! Whether you have a room to decorate or a garden party style exterior, to make your guests’ eyes glaze over, you can push the decorations to the smallest details.

Transparent or golden vases with large ostrich or peacock feathers, strings of pearls and diamonds placed on the table, black or white tablecloths with rhinestones, retro objects … The decoration of the 20s is quite busy, in shades of gold, white, black, sometimes with a few notes of red.

The wedding cake can also recall the theme, with a wedding cake decorated with golden geometric shapes, feathers, pearls, bangs…

Gatsby wedding animations

When it comes to wedding entertainment, there is no shortage of ideas! You can use the ones from a classic wedding, but adapt them to the 20’s theme. For example :

  • a photobooth with elements of 20’s disguise (cloche hat, retro glasses, mustache…) ;
  • a Charleston dance session, a dance of the era, to jazz music.

More inspiration for a 20’s Charleston wedding

Head over to our Pinterest board dedicated to the roaring twenties wedding for lots of photos of outfits, decorations and wedding invitations with a vintage roaring twenties theme.

To take it a step further, here are also a few photo reports from 20’s themed weddings: