Roaring 20s Men’s Costume / Clothing

Invited to a party or a wedding with a 20’s theme? Roaring Twenties retro fashion for gentlemen is in! Like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby or Jean Dujardin in The Artist, you need to put together a classy full period costume?

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Suspenders, golf caps, hats, bow ties, white shirt and black/grey pants, striped or not. Perfect for a 20’s man look.

What should a guy wear to a 1920s party?

Chic and elegant, the men of the 20’s wore mainly the suit in any occasion. But not only! In the midst of the development of the automobile and sports, the fashion and looks of men in the 1920s evolved: hats, caps, gloves and glasses completed the suit worn by the gentleman.

Will you be more of a gentleman or a gangster of the 20s? Here is our guide for a complete retro look at the top.

A 20’s suit for men

Elegant, but comfortable: men’s suits during the Roaring Twenties are not too tight, with wide trouser bottoms that touch the shoe, while the suit jacket is quite long.

What is the perfect suit look for a man in the 1920s? It is necessarily a 3-piece suit, including a long-sleeved shirt (white, striped or light colored) with detachable collar and cuffs, a tie, a suit jacket, a fairly wide golf pants, high socks and of course shoes (richelieu, derby, lace-up shoes, sometimes two-tone). The details are also important: clutch, suspenders, tie pins, glasses …

As for the color, a white or beige suit is ideal for the afternoon or a garden party, while a tuxedo or darker suit (black, gray, dark blue) will be more suitable for the evening.

1920s Men’s Casual

One of the easiest 1920s looks is a working class or casual men’s style. Poor or working class men couldn’t afford fancy three-piece suits, nor were they practical in labor intensive jobs. These men simply wore a pair of pants, suspenders, vest, shirt, shoes, and hat. Colors were a bit drab in brown, grey, and navy blue. Texture was a big thing in the ’20s, so most materials were a rough wool or thick tweed. The fabric had a defined pattern, too, such as plaid, stripes, and herringbone.

1920s Art Deco / Gatsby

After the 2013 Great Gatsby movie, there’s been a great demand for 1920s men’s fashion. The 1920s inspired men’s clothing has made its way into Ralph Lauren’s collection as well as other top fashion designers.

Luckily parties, champagne towers, trombones and tuxes all go hand in hand. It means you can play it safe with a classic tux, finished with a dress shirt and a bow tie.

1920s Gangster / Peaky Blinders

Finally, this corresponds rather to the trends of the moment! Discover our selection of Peaky Blinders men’s costumes / 20’s costumes.

The 1920s produced Al Capone. That’s all you need to know. The era had its fair share of gangsters, and there are loads of ways to get the look.

The 20’s hat: perfect accessory for a complete retro outfit

The must-have accessory for a man’s Gatsby style look is the hat! In the 20s, a man does not go out without a hat, whatever its shape. The essential hat is the fedora, but it is also possible to opt for a boater or a panama (straw hat) for an elegant outfit. For a more casual or aristocratic look, the golf cap (or Basque beret) will also do the trick.

The 20’s shoes for men

Derbies, moccasins, richelieu… Men’s shoes in the Roaring Twenties are classy and elegant. Plain or two-tone, make your choice!

The accessories of a man’s outfit années folles

A perfect vintage outfit for a 20’s party or cocktail party is an accessorized outfit! The suit and hat are not everything. Among the accessories that will finish your look, we can list :

Glasses, round, octagonal or oval, with very light or even almost invisible frames;
The tie, with stripes, plaid, with its pin (or the bow tie / scarf if you do not like the tie) ;
The straps, with buttons or clips, Y-shaped in the back (to be worn without a belt) ;
A silk pouch to put in the pocket of the jacket.

Men’s hairstyles and beards in the 1920s

As for hair, men wear a small thin moustache or shave closely. The hair is slicked back or to the side, with a parting in the middle or on the side of the head.