20’s woman Gatsby and flapper outfits

The 20’s are marked by the art deco style! Revived by the films The Great Gatsby and The Artist, the style of the Roaring Twenties is invited in our homes but also in our theme parties: birthday, New Year, cocktail, wedding 20s …

Retro costumes inspired by The Great Gatsby

Retro, glamorous, the clothing style of the 20’s breathes chic and luxury in profusion, with outfits that shine with a thousand lights for women, jewelry, dresses and flashy accessories. From head to toe, women assert their femininity.

Fluid fabrics, straight cuts for the dresses, notched hair and boyish cuts but worked, imposing earrings, pearl necklaces, rigid bracelets, round-toed pumps and small thick heels… These are in the broad outlines the essentials of women 20’s outfit.

The boyish look also found its place thanks to a certain Coco Chanel who democratized at the time the blazer, the pants, the tie, the skirt-cum-pants… But in the Gatsby evenings of our time, it is especially the dresses, short or long, which are ultra trends.

Some women, called flappers, were known in the United States for their boyish looks (very short bob haircut), short skirts and dresses, and their freedom (showy makeup, cigarettes, strong alcohol and sex were part of the game). The actress and dancer Louise Brooks was the symbol of these women.

It was hard to resist the glamorous outfits of the 1920s!

Women’s hairstyles in the Roaring Twenties

In terms of hair, women’s hairstyles during the 1920s were marked by 4 trends: short cuts, notches, cloche hats and jewel headbands.

At that time, hair was short, and the boyish cut was very popular. Short bob, smooth bob, fuzzy and romantic buns, hair plastered on the head, hair in waves and soft waves (the famous notches!) are the hairstyles trends of the time. The hairstyles of the 20’s were accessorized with beaded, feathered or rhinestone headbands for even more glamour.

The cloche hat is also the must-have accessory of the Roaring Twenties.

Charleston dresses of the 20’s

In the 1920s, dresses were shortened to reveal women’s legs and allow free movement for dancing. They are adorned with rhinestones, beads, bangs and are light and fluid. The dresses of the 20’s have a straight cut, fluid materials and draped worked, necklines in front or in the back and are sensual as desired.

For a vintage Gatsby-themed party, choose a short or long dress that brings all these details together, and your costume will be perfect!

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The shoes of the 20’s

In the twenties, women’s shoes are revealed, after being hidden for a long time! Straps and laces make their appearance on shoes with closed and round toe, while the heels are thick, straight or not, matching the shoe.

Retro pumps or pumps are at the top for a 20s look.

Retro jewelry of the Roaring Twenties

To complete their Charleston look, women accessorized their outfits with jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The star of the 1920s was the (white) pearl, which was worn as an overlay on necklaces. At the time, jewelry was massive: big necklaces with imposing stones and huge earrings were de rigueur!

The essential? The hair jewel, rhinestone headband, feathered, imposing, which comes to finish an elegant, romantic or glamorous hairstyle.

Retro 1920s bags

Practical for carrying a few things, a compact retro bag will perfectly finish your Charleston costume!