Roaring 20’s men costumes and suits

Looking for a 20’s men costume and suit? Need a roaring 20’s costume to attend a cocktail party, an Halloween party or a wedding with a Roaring Twenties theme? Do you want to look like a Peaky Blinder? Here’s our guide to a successful Gatsby-style outfit, with a perfect costume choice.

Whether you chose a gangster or a gentleman’s suit, this set of male’s clothing is always composed of the following elements: pants, long-sleeved shirt, suit jacket and vest. The vest was used to hide the suspenders worn over the shirt.

In the 1920s, the suit is worn fairly close to the body. The jacket is quite long (below the buttocks), the pants also, and is rather wide. It falls on the shoes.

Beige and white suits were reserved for garden parties, cocktail parties and other casual afternoons, while in the evening, a black or dark tuxedo was more chic!

Where to buy a 20’s suit and costume for men ?

Amazon sells suits specially designed for 20’s men costumes. Otherwise, you can buy the shirt, the accessories and the suit at different online websites.

A cheap 20’s suit for men

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20’s men’s outfits ideas

To find inspiration to compose your 20’s men outfit, what is better than watching movies such as The Great Gatsby (Gatsby the magnificent in French, film with Leonardo DiCaprio) or The Artist with Jean Dujardin, taking place during the Roaring Twenties or even more, series such as Peaky Blinders, where bandits and gentleman in retro looks walk around all scene long!

Some examples of men’s outfits with a 20’s suit:

  • A white suit, with cream vest, two-tone derbies, yellow tie and evening bag, light blue shirt and cane;
  • a suit with tweed jacket and pants (light brown for example), lighter checked vest, light blue shirt, light blue pocketkerchief, brown bow tie and two-tone white and brown loafers and a golf cap;
  • white suit pants with a white shirt, dark blue bow tie, burgundy suit jacket with black and white stripes, white lace-up shoes;

For a more gangster look, add a dark suit, plain or with stripes, accessorized with a hat (panama) and a cane.